financial freedom back in less than 21 DAYS!

Udeany released me from the feeling of imprisonment by having defaulted student loans. Alton’s authentic compassion and professionalism extended during the entire process is priceless. There’s no OTHER service like it in the world! Thank you for giving me my financial freedom back in less than 21 DAYS!!

M. G.

I was desperate for a solution

I came to Udeany with my student loans in default and an impending garnishment. After years of frustrating calls with student loan people, I was desperate for a solution. From my first call with Alton, the heavy monkey on my back seemed lighter. He gave me hope and knew all the answers. He made the process easy and got my loans out of default in 12 days. I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say he changed our lives.

It was hard for me to trust a stranger at first, but I quickly saw the folks at Udeany truly wanted me to get the best results possible. Alton had a sense of urgency that showed me he wanted to protect me from a garnishment as much as I did. If you are out of options and need your students loans out of default, I recommend you call Udeany. They were able to work out a loan consolidation payment plan that works easily into my budget. I wish I had called them much sooner.

Amy S.

I can not say enough about Udeany

I can not say enough about Udeany and Alton! I came across the company while in a panic as my state and federal refunds were taken….in just a few short weeks (maybe 2), Alton has helped me to breathe easier as my defaulted loans are now consolidated and fixed! This is a very rare company in today’s fast paced world. It is so refreshing and special to be treated in such a personal and caring manner. Thank you, Alton and Udeany!

Tamara W.

Cleared my Cavirs report

Cleared my Cavirs report, cleared my education default, cleared my wage garnishment all in 30 days time i would highly recommend their services.  Because of the work Udeany performed for me i am now in the process of closing on my home. Again thank you.

Larry W.

12 days later I am consolidated

I just received a collection notice the day before,so I called the collector. They said I need to set up payments of 600 plus. I laid awake all night until I did a consolidation Google search and found UDEANY the second one down on the search list.I read the reviews which gave me Hope. I fell to sleep, called Udeany that morning when I woke.

Made a true friend name Alton. This man was a real blessing from above. Now 12 days later I am consolidated with a payment that I can make. DON’T stress out like I did. Give UDEANY a call, and let your blessing begin. Ask for Al-ton, and let him know that you read this review .

God bless – Ty S.

Udeany is better than Houdini

Alton was uber awesome to work with and has a heart of gold for helping out those who want to help themselves! He worked with me thru the holiday season to get me off CAIVRS in less than 30 days. Udeany is better than Houdini
T. S.


CAIVRS CAIVRS CAIVRS Let me just say this .. this is an awesome company…. I called late night in despair looking for answers in the wee hours of the morning… received a call by 8 am the same morning… Guy by the name of Alton I call him Big Al held my hand every step of the way… cleared CAIVRS in 19 days with…also Letter of consolidation if needed!!! CLOSING ON MY HOUSE- Knowledgeable – Punctual- Professional – Met me on my level (client friendly)- Worked closely daily and hourly if needed- Better Business A++ Trustworthy

Myron E.