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Let us guide you through a course of action to gain control of defaulted student loans.

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Clear CAIVRS Fast

Have issues with CAIVRS? Udeany is the leading expert in getting your CAIVRS report cleared FAST.

Clear Your CAIVRS Report

Udeany Can Help You


Buy a House

Clear your name from CAIVRS so you can purchase your dream home. Our course bundle provides easy steps to guide you out of default.


Restore Financial Aid

Make sure you can receive financial aid to go back to school. We show you how to take control of your loans and obtain your default clearance letter.


Protect Your Tax Refund

Ensure your tax refund is safe from the Treasury Offset Program. Our course steps show you how to fix your loans and protect your refund.

Escape Default Fast

Take control of your student loans and make your great escape like Houdini, with Udeany.

Use our exact process to fix your defaulted student loans in the shortest time possible. If there's a way to fix your loans fast, Udeany will help you find it.

Why Choose Udeany?

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You Can Take Control

With our guidance, you will control your loans – not the other way around. We show you what to do and when to do it. You don’t have to endlessly search for answers.


Your Info Is Safe

Our course method keeps your info in the most secure location, your hands. We don’t ask for your personal information so it stays protected.

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About Us

Learn about Udeany as a company and its founder Alton Criswell.

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Join the ranks of the satisfied customers who've used the proven Udeany method to fix their student loans and regain their financial freedom.

Worth Purchasing

These guys are the best at what they do. There are things in life worth purchasing, this is one of them. At times the government does not make it easy to navigate and explore the options that may be available to you with student debt obligations. They are knowledgeable, aware, and systematic in helping you …


Bought a Home

Me and my fiancé went from despairing over the possibility of never being homeowners because of my defaulted school loans, to exulting in participating in the American dream of home ownership! I cannot recommend Udeany highly enough! Dwayne – 01/20/2022


Udeany is a great company

Udeany is a great company. Alton took us through the steps and it was painless. The results were fast. I would recommend them to everyone with student loans woes. Nicole – 01/04/2022


financial freedom back in less than 21 DAYS!

Udeany released me from the feeling of imprisonment by having defaulted student loans. Alton’s authentic compassion and professionalism extended during the entire process is priceless. There’s no OTHER service like it in the world! Thank you for giving me my financial freedom back in less than 21 DAYS!! M. G.


I was desperate for a solution

I came to Udeany with my student loans in default and an impending garnishment. After years of frustrating calls with student loan people, I was desperate for a solution. From my first call with Alton, the heavy monkey on my back seemed lighter. He gave me hope and knew all the answers. He made the …


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