How to Escape Student Loan Default

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Defaulted Student Loans Fixed Fast

Hello, my name is Alton Criswell. I am the founder of Udeany and creator of the Udeany Process. And what is the Udeany Process? It’s a system of steps to help you find and fix your defaulted student loans in the shortest time possible.

The Udeany program is built for speed. We understand days matter if you are trying to go back to school, collect your income tax refund, or close on your dream home!

During the process, we also want to look at federal student loan forgiveness and discharge programs. Hopefully one or more of those programs can help you erase some (or all) of your student loan debt. If so, then we want you to know it.

How Student Loands Become Defaulted

Now let’s talk about student loan default real fast. Not sure if you are in default? Here’s the question:
Are your student loans more than 9 months behind? If yes, then they are considered defaulted and you have been sent to collections. It’s that simple.

This can lead to 5 specific problems:

  1. They will take away your financial aid. If you need more classes you will most likely need to pay for them out of pocket.
  2. You will be added to the Treasury Offset Program — TOP for short. TOP allows them to intercept your income tax refund before the money makes it to your bank. Not cool! If you are expecting a refund, you might want to hold off filing your taxes until you are out of default and off TOP.
  3. You will be placed on CAIVRS. Never heard of CAIVRS? You are not alone. CAIVRS is a secret list used by the banks. Once your name is added to CAIVRS you cannot qualify for a federally backed mortgage until you are REMOVED from the list. This can make it extremely difficult to buy a house.
  4. Eventually you will be flagged for AWG. AWG stands for Administrative Wage Garnishment. They can slap a 15% wage garnishment to your paycheck without even taking you to court!
  5. And finally, you will be sent to the DOJ. When all else fails, they will send your student loans to The Department of Justice for litigation. Not good. No more Mr. Nice guy.

Options For Escaping Student Loan Default

As you can see, the longer you wait the worse things get. The sooner you act the better — you have more options.

There are 4 possible ways to escape student loan default:

  1. Settlement: It’s possible to settle student loan debt. You can erase all the collection costs if you can pay the principal and interest in one lump sum.
  2. Student Loan Discharge: In rare circumstances, federal student loans can be discharged. If you are Totally and Permanently Disabled this may be a quick solution. Other discharge options exist but could take considerable longer to be approved (like years!).
  3. Student Loan Rehabilitation: If you can make 9 on-time payments in a 10 month period then your loans will be removed from default. Long program but better than nothing!
  4. Student Loan Consolidation: It’s possible to pay off defaulted loans through consolidation. You get a new loan and a second chance. This can help you escape default in weeks instead of months!

Fix Your Loans With the Udeany Process

So what should you do?

Fix it yourself with our help.

Here are 8 reasons why:

  1. You need a guide. You can get out of the maze but you need to know where to go. One wrong move can cost you a lot of time and money. Plus, sometimes you do not get a second chance. Best to have an experienced guide using a proven process (we have helped hundreds of people escape default).
  2. Go at your pace with full support. Because it’s an e-course you can start anytime you are ready (day or night). You will be taking the steps to fix your loans as you move along. When you purchase the course you get the full support of Udeany and access to our private Facebook group. If you get stuck just reach out. We will help you find a solution.
  3. We allow you to keep your private info private. No one likes giving their social security number, date of birth, or banking info to some stranger over the phone. Our course allows you enter your private information into secure government sites as you move along. No need to give it out to us — or anyone else for that matter! It’s called private info for a reason.
  4. Eliminate frustrating delays. This stuff is not random. Being approved or denied is not a matter of luck. Our course helps know what you can or can’t do. It also helps you identify potential problems (like wage garnishment tags) so you fix them before making your application (if possible). This kind of preparation will help you save time and avoid frustration.
  5. Evaluate all of your Forgiveness and Discharge options. There are about a dozen different ways loans forgiven or discharged (yes, there’s a slight difference). Some are far better than others. Our course helps you determine your eligibility for one or more of these programs. We do so in a clear, concise, and thorough manner.
  6. We help you avoid returning to default. Many people escape default just to return again. This is especially true when it comes to rehab. Our course helps solve that problem. Your knowledge and understanding will grow exponentially as you pass through our courses. By the time you complete the course, you will be in complete control of your student debt.
  7. We offer a money-back guarantee. Full disclosure: Not everyone can escape from default. There are certain situations where nothing can be done (like if your loans are at the DOJ). Thankfully, it’s rare (about 5%). When that happens we will refund your money.
  8. And last — but certainly not least: Our program is built for speed. Do you have an urgent need to get out of default as fast as possible? Well, that’s what our process is designed to do. If you are eligible to consolidate (about 85% chance) then our course is going to tell you how to do fast — real fast. And how fast is fast? Our company record is 11 calendar days.

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There you have it, Folks. Ready when you are to get started. If you want to learn more, read some of our other articles.